Gang Stalking~20 scriptures in the Psalms which describe a secret persecution and genocide of the poor, innocent, righteous, and Godly,

kirkschrank says:

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This whole gangstalking phenomena is about Jesus Christ, the pure human race, true Jew, true Israel, true Christians, the righteous and the humble, etc. The leader of gangstalking is the serpent in the garden, whose seed will always have enmity with the pure human seed which descended from Adam through Noah. What is happening now is detailed in the book of Revelation which describes a flood coming out of the mouth of the dragon to destroy the fore mentioned groups. You will also find over 20 scriptures in the Psalms which describe a secret persecution and genocide of the poor, innocent, righteous, and Godly, etc. With the discovery of blood types and DNA they know who you are, but you may not. Anyone without the nephilim hybrid blood is at risk of being secretly assassinated and tortured until death. The only victory is through Jesus Christ who is coming soon as the day of the Lord draws near and he will come to avenge us and all the others who have suffered and been murdered at the hands of these wicked blue bloods who hide under the shadows of secret societies such as the Freemasons. Word of advice is stay away from sodium, fluoride, fats, sugars, grease, anything you’re being force fed. I believe that the prophet Daniel and the Eunuchs who lived in Babylon served as a model for us in these last days as they would not eat of the king’s food but only ate vegetables. I am not a vegan yet but I do try to eliminate the fore mentioned substances which seem to work in coordination with the direct energy weapons DEW which we are being bombarded with. I have even had symptoms of Ionized radiation but the Lord keeps conquering them and I fight even harder the more they torture and harass me. We are living in the times of Mystery Babylon who is responsible for our suffering and deaths. They are made up of Zionists, secret societies, Luciferians, and Satanists who have covertly infiltrated all churches and lie when they say they know Jesus. I have many writings about these end times on WordPress if you would like to read them. God bless you true sufferers and keep the faith and fight the good fight til the end and your reward will be great in the eternal heaven.

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