myron may the shooter from florida state wanted to help other targeted individuals file a law suit for gangstalking and electronic harassment a lot of us targeted individuals were looking forward to working with him to gain our freedom this mk- ultra program

Myron May, a Targeted Individual, an attorney on the cusp of representing other Targeted Individuals in a class action suit and a Christian, standing firm on the Word of God! Another casualty of a very evil WORLD SYSTEM! COMMUNITY POLICING IS GANG STALKING!


may 1 guys i hope this was not a t.i. some of us contacted on facebook he was a lawyer wanted to help us in ti community he wanted to help us get a law suit going against the government for gangstalking and being targeted individuals.i know  some of us contacted him  contacted him reference my problem being a targeted individaul.i found out we had common grounds he went to gulf coastt university,panama city,fl .i went to a police academy there in 2001.  he wanted my address to send me some info, but my crazy ass perp family cut my post office mail off they being in a plot with police.i gave him my phone numbe on nov 15,2014 at approx 730pm he never call me.i heard his name on the news and pull up his picture..very sad . his  facebook page    we got evidence this crime is going on…

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