Is Todd Giffen an Opportunist Exploiting Myron May, the FSU Shooter, or a Victim of Mind Control?


NOTE:  This blog has been edited and proofread as of 12/7/2014.  And errors, misconstrued sentences,etc., thereafter are the work of the operation center tampering.

In the wake and aftermath of the Myron May, and the tragic FSU Shooting, November, 20, 2014, Todd Giffen, who proclaims himself a victim of extreme technological manipulation and energy weapon attacks during, and after, a lengthy stint at the Oregon State Psychiatric Hospital, many are in disbelief that he factually altered the authentic suicide letter written by Myron May.

Those who have been following this tragedy, know that the media reported that Myron May sent ten certified packages to various individuals, documenting his plight, and hoping that his story would not “die in vain.”  It is also documented that the certified mailings were confiscated or intercepted by the Postal Inspector or in my case, the FBI, and local Sheriff who came along with the Postal…

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