FLOW OF WISDOM: Targeted Individual speaks out Dec. 7, 2014


The original air date of this show was Sunday December 7, 2014 Hour Two. This interview is with one of the recipients of the letter sent from the FSU Shooter Myron May. She shares her story of what her interactions were with May as well as being a target herself of harassment.

Rosanne gives a first hand account of being targeted. Although she was hesitant coming on my show, she was threatend prior to calling in.

I asked Rosanne to share what happened to her in the very beginning of being targeted and you will hear some of what she noticed.

She noticed certain things like her trash was being tampered with. She would be followed and harassed by cops unusually. As things began to increase, the attacks became more intense.

She would get a burning sensation. The feeling of getting a sunburn but on a rainy day. She would…

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