Payoffs of Working for the Synagogue of Satan

So here’s my this morning thought for the day… or dilemma. As I’m re-sending (my emails are intercepted frequently as of late) w/additional info,email submissions sent the 13th of April addressing the covert war on Christians right here in AMERICA. I started thinking, based on my beliefs of this time, that, if I am offered help and restitution for these heinous crimes…(BIG IF), it’ll probably come in the form of the “Instead of Christ” (Anti, definition is INSTEAD OF in the Strong’s Concordance) proposing to promise peace and safety. SERIOUSLY! …AND THE ANSWER IS….

…under god, to save the day… As the Underdog song plays in the background. Facetious JK

COINTELPRO & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture

2012, My 50th Year

This year started off with cat blood, heavy vandalism and me reaching a point of intrepidness over the parade of gangsters who parade in and out of my life–cops, Freemasons, business leaders with control over parts of my world, lawyers, realtors, UPS & Federal Express, US Bank managers, locksmiths, and every other weak person who parasitically is feeding off of me.

Facts are that the Lord has used these evil crimes and all of the orchestrated chaos to wake me up and  build my Christian character. Growth is never easy or painless and truth tellers have been silenced throughout time. Also, the sadistic tactics used in organized gang stalking and electronic mind control were devised years ago and used throughout history. Not to minimize this most cruel program, but it is a matter of history repeating itself–again. Technological advances in mind control/behavioral control weapons are what…

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