The Massive Genocide Happening Inside Of Communist China: Media And UN Blackout!

What do ya’ think ‪#‎TargetedIndividuals‬ in ‪#‎America‬ are?! 4th Reich ‪#‎SecretSocieties‬ Take Over #America! THEY ESPECIALLY TARGET O- BLOOD TYPES!

Mary Carmel News


Mary Carmel News

Millions of people are dying in China under a tyrannical regime. The number is massive, and it goes on everyday. Please read the article below and share this. The Western press is not reporting it, as Chinese officials are profiting, and trying to bury evidence (They have even gone as far as launching propaganda campaigns to cover their actions)!. It cannot be hidden any longer, the scale of this genocide is beyond comprehension, and the people are innocent. The practice of LIVE organ harvesting is barbaric beyond belief alone. Remember this, as the leftists are slowly trying to take the rights away from Americans and people worldwide. Never give up your guns America while they distract you  with  radical Islam and that horror show…No matter how loud these two faced Communist Chinese leaders scream from the United Nations for Obama to disarm us, telling us that we…

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